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Kate Dyment: Radio Frequency

I find this information is always written in the third person. I want this to be personal between you and I, Kate Dyment.

I am a trained Radio Frequency skin specialist with a huge passion for what I do. My objective is to provide a welcoming and empathetic environment for everyone whilst delivering life-changing results at a faction of the price most established clinics offer the same treatment. I am a mobile therapist that travels to selected clinics in Chester and Liverpool, I also do treatments from my home. I do not have the overheads of a permanent clinic premisis therefore my prices are much lower than any clinics offering exactly the same service.

My clients range from young teenagers who are concerned about acne and problematic skin to professionals who have to address large audiences and feel their skin concerns strip them of some of their confidence in this arena (perhaps rosacea or heavy circles under the eyes). Men and women preparing for a wedding or special occasion and every other scenario you could imagine. I am extremely passionate about helping my clients to achieve their desired outcome.

I have invested heavily in, and seek to ensure our equipment is at the forefront of technology, in addition to being the safest and most efficient for our purposes.

Each individual is catered for differently but all are cared for equally. Your treatments are bespoke to your needs and expectations. Whether you visit me at my home in Hawarden, Flintshire or in one of the clinics I take in Chester or Liverpool, you will be made to feel special in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We are the company that cares for YOU and I love what I do!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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BClinics provides high quality non-surgical treatments for people who want to look their best in venues across the North West.

BClinics treatments are a safe and cost effective way to offer smoother, rejuvenated skin for your clients.

All treatments are carried out by highly skilled and trained professionals under the umbrella of Lee Walker BDS MFDS RCPSG MJDF RCS ENG and his team of talented medically trained professionals.

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Gym Bird

We are delighted to announce that we work with the phenomenon that is the infamous ‘gymbird’ Harriet Igglesden as part of our patient centric approach to slimming, wellness and ethos when it comes to looking after our patients. Ask us about BSlim to learn more. In the meanwhile, here’s a message from the North West’s premier personal trainer:

Liverpool-based personal trainer, Baby Momma to 'It's Bootcamp Bitch' and author of the region's first fat loss programme that allows you to drink alcohol and maintain your fabulous social life, whilst reaching and maintaining a body to contend with Beyonce, JLO and the Kardashian clan (except probably Kendall but at the end of the day I'm a trainer not a miracle worker, girl).

I use a variety of functional training, weights and fasted cardio alongside what I believe is the mother of all diets to help strip off your unwanted fat, tighten up the wobbly bits and build a bikini-worthy physique.

Being a Gym Bird isn't about eating 15 egg whites a day, wearing a full Nike trackie and a contour to the gym. The Gym Bird is you; an everyday woman who woke up one day and decided there's something she needed to change. Keeping fit doesn't mean you need to live your life surrounded by rice cakes and treadmills, it's about finding the balance for you. Taking control of what you really want, believing in yourself and achieving goals as a team (whilst having an absolute ball).

Say tra to the fad diets, T5s, filters, Spanx and ham-arms because this time you've got an army of Scouse prins behind you, who are just as much of a crank as you are. This time it's for keeps. And don’t worry if you’re a Cheshire wool. Or a bloke. You’d be surprised how many gym birds are. Bagsy no backs. Give us a call.

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