Radio Frequency (Kate Dyment)
What's the frequency Kenneth?

Dear BCity Dweller,

You know that REM song? We think of it each time we start talking about radio frequency, a safe alternative to surgery.

And you know that other song REM did about shiny, happy people? We think about radio frequency every time we see Kate Dyment's patients smiling after being in her clinic at BCity and in her company.

We hope you know us well enough to know we choose our company, and the treatments we bring to you wisely. We are delighted that the already in-demand, celebrity favourite Kate is joining forces with us in Liverpool and Chester to make you even happier, brighter, lighter and tighter after you've been to see us.

Dual Radio Frequency is now probably the most popular emerging treatment on the market for skin lifting, tightening and smoothing those stubborn fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other treatments it works on the natural collagen you have already within your skin to give you a more youthful appearance immediately. This treatment is massively popular with celebrities and can last up to two years.

And we know you're saving for the races, or for your bikini, or for the holiday to wear the bikini on so Kate has agreed to say hello to you in the nicest way possible by offering you a choice of fab offers.

Option One: the try it and see - your first treatment is half price - no matter what you choose.

Option Two: the "I'm all in, let's sort me out": Buy a course of 7 and we'll give you your 8th completely free.

So whether it's perfect skin you're after (whatever condition it's currently in); if you're chasing those elusive perfect legs for Summer or you want to lighten the bags under your eyes, or wave your bingo wings goodbye (and the inches where your waist should be): just be like Kenneth (and Amanda Holden, and Cara Delevingo and... well you get the picture)

Come and meet our Kate at BCity Clinics.

We're glad that we did and we think you will be too.

Your BCity Kenneths

Radio Frequency: Skin Tightening with Lifting

Radio frequency is one of the safest, least invasive and yet most effective anti-aging treatment available to people of all skin colours. In our early 20’s we have plenty of collagen in our skin. However, with age our collagen production decreases, so that by the time we reach our mid 40’s it is barely in production and due to the lack of collagen we notice our skin loses elasticity, sags and forms lines and wrinkles. Using the very latest SkinFirst Radio Frequency equipment we can stimulate your own natural collagen and tighten your elastin fibres to bring about long-lasting rejuvenation.

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